Nicole L'Huillier | 100 Urban Trends – Guggenheim

100 Urban Trends – Guggenheim

Santiag”O” – Proyecto Urbano para la ciudad de Santiago

Parte de la Exhibición Participatory City: “100 Urban Trends” / Guggenheim Museum NYC / New York, USA / SUSUKA Arquitectos


*This video was commissioned as part of Participatory City: 100 Urban Trends from the BMW Guggenheim Lab, on view at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum from Octobre 11, 2013 – Jan 5, 2014. Learn more at



Santiago lacks distinguishing public spaces – no Central Park, no Trocadero, no Eiffel Tower, and no Sidney Bay. Social interaction, therefore, is very limited and tends to happen in commercial spaces, such as the shopping mall. Citizens are limited to commercial transactions and stay within their own social groups. The one exception is the historic park built along the Mapocho river.

Fear (2013) describes a proposal of a green ring of almost 100 kilometers of cultural and recreational public space stretching from the airport to the Andes mountains. This would be created by extending the few vibrant parks over the rest of the abandoned riverside. The result would connect an ecological corridor. This solution could dramatically reduce physical segregation and create a sustainable transport system.

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