Nicole L'Huillier | ROCK MUSIC


Rock Music
Composition & choreography for animated rocks
Nicole L’Huillier
Professor: Tod Machover
Opera Of The Future – MIT Media Lab

An irregular geometric object, like a prism, a rock that moves by itself. Opening up questions about infinity, repetition and space through sound. What if rocks move? What if they could evolve in time through a rhythmical choreography? Like a ritual. A dance that awakes the notion of territory, through the notion of sound + time + space: historically, the sound of bells in churches was the main organizer of the community, not only because they told time, but because they defined the scope of the town by the projection of the sound of the bell, everybody was able to hear it as long as they where in town. These rocks act as church bells, organizing territorial scopes, and engaging an specific community with their hypnotic dance and music.