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Proto Snow

Proto Snow

Sistema de vivienda prefabricada acondicionada para contexto climático extremo.

Malalcahuello, Región de la Araucanía, Chile / 2013-104 / SUSUKA Arquitectos

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Modular system for Prefabricated housing
SUSUKA Architects Company / Cajón del Maipo and Malalcahuello, Chile.

Objective: Activate isolated zones with fast and high-quality construction, always keeping in mind the simplicity of the system and the customisation according to the specific needs and context’s sustainable variables. Such as using local recycled materials, and having all the structure done before and just mounting in the place, diminishing construction cost and work pollution.
One was done in Cajón del Maipo, in the central zone of Chile, a place with temperate climate. And others for Malalcahuello, in the south, with extreme weather, near ski centers. Each case demanded an specific need and a clever solution.

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