Nicole L'Huillier | Kinetic Speakers – Publication

Kinetic Speakers – Publication


Graphic design & layout: Jose Rivera and Nicole L’Huillier

Text and edition: Andy Stuhl

There is a profound relationship between sound, body, and space. To explore these concepts, this class connects traditional and theoretical knowledge with hands-on experimentation to experience sound as an unstable yet sculptural art form. We reject the notion that recorded or acousmatic music is best reproduced on traditional mono or stereo speaker systems. We diffuse and listen to sound in relation to a variety of spatial properties and learn that sound and space react with one other in complex ways. Thus we gain new perspectives on sound production and performance, exploring their potential for artistic creation with critical curiosity. The class actively takes part by learning and inventing production techniques, understanding basic principles of acousmatic & experimental music, and inventing new strategies for sound perception.

MIT ACT Course led by German composer and electronic musician Jan St. Werner. TA: José Rivera

Students: Christina Chen, Langston Fitts, Liang Hai, Dohyun Lee, Nicole L’Huillier, So Yeon Lim, Xinyi Ma, MyDung Thi Nguyen, Adam M Pere, Sean Phillips, Andy Kelleher Stuhl, Brian Tice